the belle & the beast
The tale essentially says that not only can you realize the truth about someone else but you can alter the truth about yourself for the better.





There is nothing okay about racbending established what few Women of Color in Disney (Powhatan, African-American, Chinese and Desi/Arab) that are [barely] represented into non-descriptive caricatures of other cultures and peoples. It’s an act of racism, pure and simple, no matter the author’s “intent”. The fact that she continues this practice and is praised universally for it makes me angry.

The fact that I’ve seen this show up on several blogs focused on promoting positive/reaffirming artwork and media focused on People of Color without so much a critical thought or a second look at was being presented (most likely the attention is more or less drawn to the racebent white fairy tale characters like Merida, Snow White, Cinderella and etc.), bothers me. Who Mulan (a character based on a ballad/poem and legend of Hua Mulan), Pocahontas (a character who is already structured within a romanticized and racist account of what happened to the actual woman herself), Jasmine (a character based on the Princess from 1001 Arabian Nights) and Tiana (an African American woman living during in New Orleans in the 1920s, a time where there would’ve been no qualms about openly abusing her on the streets, much less hanging her, or throwing racial slurs at her without fear of repercussions, for attempting to make something of herself) are is fucking important, both within the media they appear in and the fanworks that attempt to depict them.

Excluding the absolute erasure of the history of Pocahontas (which is nothing to be fucked with, despite Disney’s firmly established lack of “we don’t give a fuck if she was a real person” with its animated feature) If this was merely a case of rewriting the story, say like Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Shirley Climo’s Korean Cinderella or Rachael Isadora’s Rapunzel, then there likely wouldn’t be a problem. The fact that the artwork is explicitly targeting the characters without thought to their story’s general historic background and character arcs, more or less states that this is merely a case of playing dress up akin to that of a doll generator. a “East Asian Tiana” still deals with Anti-Black racism, a “Native American Mulan” still fights for her Chinese father’s honor against the Huns, so on and so forth.

This is the anti-thesis of the speculative nature of “chromatic recasting”, or as its more commonly known, “racebending”.

Behaving as though they are interchangeable, that People of Color are interchangeable no matter their life experiences, stories, and culture, is flat out racist. No, this being fan art does not give it or the artist a pass. “They can do whatever she wants” is not an excuse. The fact that they continues to do this explicitly expresses that they do not care.


in case ya’ll were wondering if these were okay or why they aren’t, here ya go.




why don’t we racebend

I dunno


oh look

it seems like 

they did, in fact

race bend




just because they changed the race of poc doesn’t mean it’s racist or against the back stories. They didn’t isolate the poc, the racebent all the characters, regardless of race. Don’t act like it’s a threat against poc. It was probably meant as a fun exercise that the artist thought other people would enjoy, which people obviously have. 

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Belle with palette #16. This one was pretty easy and fun to do. Thank you all ^^


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful young princess…


Belle - (c)DISNEY Steve Thompson
My quick first attempt at color and a doodle on a Cintiq from yesterday. I love being able to recreate the look of markers fairly easily with out messing up my line. :)


Belle - (c)DISNEY Steve Thompson

My quick first attempt at color and a doodle on a Cintiq from yesterday. I love being able to recreate the look of markers fairly easily with out messing up my line. :)



Bless whoever made this.

*Cries real tears*

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Disney Parks + animated outfit study

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Oh my god THIS EXISTS?!?!?!

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My “Mirror/Mirror” series #1

acrylic on canvas



Disney couples concept art by various artists



I am currently taking a culinary course and one of the Chef’s at the institute made these Disney Princess cakes for the pastry presentation.

All credit to Chef Beltran, Instituto de Banca y Comercio, Ponce, Puerto Rico


modern disneys 


Animated Disney Minimalist Posters by Citron—Vert



Jeff Hong - “Unhappily ever after”

Wow this post hurt my inner child

Disney Princess Makeup Palettes: part 2

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